Deriving values from a raster map

Rick Thompson rick at
Thu Sep 1 09:32:59 EDT 1994

Hi Steve,
  Try r.what. This should work well for you. Rick
> Is there anyway to determine the value of a number of raster layers at a 
> position defined by a sites file ?
> The example our Hydrology want to do is :-
> they have a sites file containing their tipping bucket raingauges and we 
> have various raster data sets, such as potential evaporation, standard 
> average annual rainfall, etc. They would like to be able to 'simply' get 
> the value of each raster at each raingauge site
> I've shown them 'd.what.rast map=x,y,....' and they think that's great - 
> I just feel that there should be some way to do it in a more elegant 
> style.
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