HPLaserJet 4M and MAPGEN

PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Thu Sep 8 15:51:53 EDT 1994

Hi everyone,

	I have a HPLaserJet 4M laser printer and want to connect
it to SCS GRASS-MAPGEN4.1 interface. To do so, I first change 
the code in the file SCS/plotter/devlist.c to add one line: 

	"laser",	Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",

in the initilization dev_list[], since my printer is named as
"laser" by system administrator. It looks like following:

struct DEV_LIST
dev_list[] = {
		/* should leave these here */
	"debug",	Ddebug,	0, "internal debug device",
	"extdebug",	Dextdev, 0, "external debug device",
	"ranger",	Dranger, 0, "range determination routine",
		/* selected for local system needs */
	"PS",		Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
	"ps",		Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
	"laser",	Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
	"cps",		Dcps,	0, "PostScript, color--8.5x11",

	Then, I recompiled the code. The next thing I did was editing
$GRAPH/etc/PLOTTER file, and add printer name "laser" into it.
	After all these changes, I tried to create a simple compossit
map and to use plot.sh ovm/* to send output to printer. However, I got
an empty paper print out.

	Does anyone know what things I did wrong here? does MAPGEN4.1
 supports HPLaserJet 4M or not? What is the output format that program
"plotter" used? Does it generates postcript as output?

	Thank you for any help in advance.

	PK Lin
	Tel: (617) 942-1655
	E-mail: pklin at cerf.net

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