HPLaserJet 4M and MAPGEN

Jill Schuler jschuler at ncg.scs.ag.gov
Thu Sep 8 18:51:14 EDT 1994

%%%     Hi everyone,
%%%	I have a HPLaserJet 4M laser printer and want to connect
%%%     it to SCS GRASS-MAPGEN4.1 interface. 
%%%	Does anyone know what things I did wrong here? does MAPGEN4.1
%%%     supports HPLaserJet 4M or not? What is the output format that program
%%%     "plotter" used? Does it generates postcript as output?
%%%	Thank you for any help in advance.
%%%	PK Lin
%%%	Tel: (617) 942-1655
%%%	E-mail: pklin at cerf.net
%%%----- End Included Message -----

The GRASS MAPGEN Interface versions (3.1, 4.0, 4.11, and 4.12) all work with
the HPLaserJet laser printer in black/white postscript.

Step 1: build a plotter output file
There are two ways to build a postscript plotter file in mapgen.
You can use the mapgen plotter command directly or use the interface script

Step 2: send the output file to the device via your lp spool 

Instructions for building a plotter output file in postscript

The following is the correct syntax to use the plotter command:
plotter -d ps ovm/* | lp -d[printer]
printer is the name of the print spooler setup on your sun for the HPLaserJet

I suggest that you try this command first.  If you get satisfactory
results, then you will need to edit a support file in mapgen for the 
plot.sh command.

Edit the file $GISBASE/mapgen/etc/PLOTTER
add the print spooler name for the HPLaserJet in the first field.
add the mapgen driver name "ps" in the second field.
add the correct port

Example of PLOTTER file:
hpgl                    hpgl                    /dev/tty00
cps                     cps                     /dev/tty00
HpLaserjet              ps                      /dev/tty00

Run the plot.sh command selecting HpLaserjet

That's about all there is to it.
If you have any more questions email me back directly.



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