HPLaserJet 4M and MAPGEN

Gerald I. Evenden gie at charon.er.usgs.gov
Thu Sep 8 21:50:18 EDT 1994

>Date: Thu, 8 Sep 1994 12:51:53 -0700
>From: PoKung Lin <pklin at CERF.NET>
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>Subject: HPLaserJet 4M and MAPGEN
>Hi everyone,
>	I have a HPLaserJet 4M laser printer and want to connect
>it to SCS GRASS-MAPGEN4.1 interface. To do so, I first change 
>the code in the file SCS/plotter/devlist.c to add one line: 
>	"laser",	Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
>in the initilization dev_list[], since my printer is named as
>"laser" by system administrator. It looks like following:
>struct DEV_LIST
>dev_list[] = {
>		/* should leave these here */
>	"debug",	Ddebug,	0, "internal debug device",
>	"extdebug",	Dextdev, 0, "external debug device",
>	"ranger",	Dranger, 0, "range determination routine",
>		/* selected for local system needs */
>	"PS",		Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
>	"ps",		Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
>	"laser",	Dpstscr, 0, "PostScript printer",
>	"cps",		Dcps,	0, "PostScript, color--8.5x11",
>	....
>	};
>	Then, I recompiled the code. The next thing I did was editing
>$GRAPH/etc/PLOTTER file, and add printer name "laser" into it.
>	After all these changes, I tried to create a simple compossit
>map and to use plot.sh ovm/* to send output to printer. However, I got
>an empty paper print out.
>	Does anyone know what things I did wrong here? does MAPGEN4.1
> supports HPLaserJet 4M or not? What is the output format that program
>"plotter" used? Does it generates postcript as output?
>	Thank you for any help in advance.
>	PK Lin
>	Tel: (617) 942-1655
>	E-mail: pklin at cerf.net

I don't know what all the above is about, since I suspect most of it
is SCS value added on MAPGEN.  But, my basic question is: does your
HPLaserJet support the PostScript language?

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