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Thu Sep 15 12:31:01 EDT 1994

> are a lot of people programming with tcl and tk?  I've got
> an application I'd like to put a cool front end on.  I just 
> wondered if any standards and documentation had been developed
> for using tcl with grass.  I've got tcltkgrass which works well
> but the version I have has no documentation about programming
> (or anything at all).  is anything happening!

TCL/TK is being used in many applications, including GRASS.  Any
application that can be used on the command line or a script can easily
be implemented.  

GRASS has some oddities 
	(see Re:redirecting standard error - yesterday)
but I have made a basic vis tool for several specific applications.
It is also amenable for use in integrating GRASS to database 
applications.  In particilar, I made a specific tool that uses
INFORMIX directly and GRASS for spatial queries.

Of course this could be done on the C level as the inf tools
but I would not know about C....

If you are serious about TCL/TK you may want the manual though...

> cheers   tom  8-)
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