How do I get graphics in Linux?

Don R. Maszle maze at rfs63.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Sep 19 14:41:27 EDT 1994

Could someone explain to me how I set up my $GISBASE/dev/fifo links so
that "d.mon" doesn't complain as such:

>  Sorry, <$GISBASE/dev/fifo.1a> not available
>  Have GRASS adminstrator check etc/monitorcap file
>  Can't stat $GISBASE/dev/fifo.1a

I am running GRASS 4.1 on a Linux box running the 1.1.18 kernel.  I
did not compile the GRASS software, but installed it using "cpio" with
the Linux cpio archives.  I have X windows on this machine, but I get
the same error if I run GRASS in an 'xterm' window in X.  (The
monitorcap file seems to think there is an X windows terminal
associated with 'x0' and I suspect this is one problem.  Runnig)

Also, I believe the 'dev/fifo*' entries are really supposed to be
links, no?  They are currently all zero length.  I don't really
understand what a "named pipe" is so this could be a fundamental
problem.  Do these need to linked to my /dev/tty?? system entries?

Don Maszle

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