Linux v.extract binary request, v.clean / / v.digit help

Ry Jones rjones at
Tue Sep 20 06:06:46 EDT 1994

1) I need the linux binary for v.extract. If you could uuencode this and 
mail it to me I'd be most grateful.

2) I am loading some USGS dlg's into v.digit to manually edit them, then I 
save them, v.clean them, and them. I end up with some lines that 
were one segemnt from node to node (the neatlines) being fragmented into 
having (seemingly) random nodes pushed into the middle of the lines. Am I 
doing something wrong?

3) When I v.import DLG's, how do I make it keep the full att code? I end up 
with att codes like "402" instead of "190-402" and the like.

rjones at 507915.21E 5209567.01N UTM ZONE 10        OG+GOT;
GCS/S/O: d? H--- s+:+ g+ p1+ au-- a- w+++ v++ C++++ UL++++ P+  L++  3-  E--- 
K++ W++ M-- V-- -po+ Y++ t !5 jx R G''' tv+  b+++  D++  B---  e+  u*--- h---- f
r+++ !n---- y++++ GeekCode v2.1 available:  finger hayden at

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