tcltkgrass on Solaris 2.3

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Mon Sep 26 10:43:10 EDT 1994

>From article <9409210135.AA05751 at geology.Trinity.EDU>, by gkroeger at (Glenn C. Kroeger):
> Hello all:
> Excuse the ignorance, but is tcltkgrass available?  I thought that it was
> in very limited alpha release. We would sure like to give it a try if
> possible.
> Any specifics as to availability would be appreciated!
> Glenn C. Kroeger, Ph.D.
> Associate Professor of Geology
> Director of Environmental Studies
> Trinity University, 715 Stadium Dr., San Antonio, TX 78212
> (210) 736-7607
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Bonjour from Montreal!

Funny you should ask, I just finished replying to L.A.S. Inc. incorporated who are currently still seeking new test sites.  The person I wrote to was Valerie DesRoches, Director, Business Development.  Her "coordinates" are:

L.A.S. Inc.
1570 Chabanel Ouest
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4N 1H4

Voice: (514) 858-1104
Fax:   (514) 389-9373
Email: vader at

Hope this helps you.  I've seen the program in action, at the Decision Support - 2001 conference in Toronto last week and was fairly impressed.  


         Wendy de Souza.  



Wendy de So 

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