Installing Grass for Solaris

Mr PM van Leusen vanleupm at
Wed Sep 21 12:50:30 EDT 1994

Dear fellow grass-users,

I've been installing the binaries for grass 4.1 for Solaris provided on the
moon. The README stated that these binaries incorporate Ronald Wiemers
message queue system instead of the default fifo system for graphics
communication. Yet they contain the complete fifo system, monitorcap entries
and all. What's going on here? What should I do to install the message
queue system? This is particularly pressing because I've got problems getting
the monitors to behave - their status is not kept correctly, so I get 
`monitor x0 is runing' messages and lock files in /etc/locks which I don't
know how to resolve...

Following is a list of problems I've had in the past two days just testing
Grass functionality - some of these have already been mentioned by others:

1) Commands to interactively query maps, such as d.what.rast, do not return
   any values at all;
2) Stderr appears to go nowhere, at least not to the terminal like it's
   supposed to. This means no error messages get printed;
3) i.rectify, i.rectify2, and d.3d all coredump on me right after calling
4) r.mapcalc commands are executed but the program hangs when it's finished
   so it never returns any newly calculated maps.

I'm sure there is much more to say about this, but for now I would be 
extremely grateful if other users with an identical setup could comment on
their experience with these problems and their solutions (he wrote, hope-

Martijn van Leusen
Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit, UK

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