GRASS monitors

Sharif Razzaque sharif at
Tue Aug 15 08:00:00 EDT 1995

    Drawing to the moniters is really slow because all graphics calls are sent 
to the moniters via the FIFO named pipes. I guess you could rewrite the parts o
f the code you need to speed up such that they make Xwindows calls directly. Ho
wever, in doing so, you make the code Xwindows-dependent and may have to hack t
he code everytime a new GRASS version is released. [Plus, all the GRASS authors
 will be mad at you :-) ]
    If you have the Grass 4.1 Programmer's Manual, see page 183 - it explains i
t all. 
    Finally, what do you need to speed up - d.rast? If so, starting looking in 
the files GRASS/src/libes/D/Dcell.c & GRASS/src/libes/display/raster.c & raster

    Hope this helps some.

    Sharif Razzaque
    sharif at

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