Adding a site to a map - amongst other things

Casey Claiborne mskc at
Fri Aug 25 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Hello - 
        I had wanted to ask 2 questions.

1) How does one add a site to a map. I saw a directory called "sites" in the 
        "spearfish" sample data. I wanted to add sites to the "global" sample
        data but this directory did not exist there. I have seen routines that
        allow one to display site -ex: d.sites, d.points, etc. but I have not 
        located one that will allow you to add a site to a sitefile - or even t
        create a site file.

2) How can one overlay two or more rasters in the display window.-e.g. I 
        have raster file 1 and raster file 2 and I would like to place 
raster 2 on 
        top of raster 1.

Thanks in advance


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