European GRASS site!

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Tue Jan 24 10:17:04 EST 1995

Hi there,

I've just finished updating my near-mirror of the moon.
The address is:

The file structure closely resembles that on the moon with a couple of 
- no binaries (none too come, either - sorry, we don't have the disk space)
- no world or imagery data (same reason as above), spearfish is there, though.
- no world writable incoming directory. I've copied a lot of things
  from the original /grass/incoming, but not everything. If you miss
  something, let me know.
- everything is gzipped instead of compressed. If you don't have gzip, you
  should get it (/pub/systems/gnu on the Kiel server or at your local GNU shop).
- The main source directory is not chopped into megabyte chunks but organized
  by subdirectories (the contents are the same as on the moon).
  Details in /pub/packages/grass/grass4.1/release/source/README.
- The grassHopper archives have slightly different names (i.e. arc-92-02.gz
  instead of Arc-2-92.Z - the files are the same) and there's a Subject
  Listing for each list (grassp and grassu), produced by running 'grep Subject'
  on the whole lot.
Please contact me if you have any problems using this site or if you 
have any complaints/suggestions/whatever.


PS Is there such a thing as mirroring software? Doing this by hand/shell script
   can get a bit tedious.
Martin Ameskamp, Inst. f. Informatik I (Computing Dept.)
Kiel University, Olshausenstr. 40, 24118 Kiel, Germany
Fax: ++49 431 8804054, Voice: ++49 431 8804474, 
email: ma at

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