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my understanding is that GQL is one of a range of
theoretical query languages, some extensions of SQL, that have
been suggested and put forward (mostly in place like
the International Journal of GIS). 
These authors are attempting to develop query languages
that are "spatial complete" in the same way that SQL is
"relational complete"; ie from a few standard spatial query's
such as "contained within" or "within x units" etc you should be
able to fully query a spatial database.  As far as I know no official
standard organisation (eg ANSI or ISO) has taken up any of these
spatial query languages, and no commercial GIS uses them, though
I have heard of a GIS called Geo-SQL (or something).

I gathered this from casual reading of the literature and am prepared
to be corrected or shot down on any of the above  8-)

given time I might be able to turf out a few references 

cheers  Tom  8-)

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