Private Color for Grass

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Wed Jul 5 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Dear Mr. Li (also known as the Screen Emperor):

     You know as much as all of us.  Why don't we all take a break (throughout
the World at Large) and just go fishing; perhaps when we return the problem
will have resolved itself.

    Sincerely yours,

    Michael Foster in the room next door
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Hi fellows:

    I am developing applications with grass and X window.  It seems that
there is a conflict between Grass color table and the X resource.   That
is if I start grass monitor first, I will loss the true color I specified in
im X resource.   One the other side, if I start my X window application first,
Grass won't be able to show any map.  The whole grass monitor becomes white.  
 If anyone has experience in installing a private color table for GRASS,
please drop me a note.   Your help is highly appreciated.   Thank you very
much in advance.

      Zhian Li  at Penn State University

      zhian at

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