s.to.cell target machine compiler dependencies - sorry

Simon Cox S.Cox at solo.ned.dem.csiro.au
Wed Jul 5 08:00:00 EDT 1995

At  2:54 PM 4/7/95 +0200, Okke Batelaan wrote:
>I tried to install the s.to.cell but I get several compiling errors
>under sunos4.1.3 cc compiler.
>It has something to do with the LONG definitions, it improves if I
>change them to long, but I keep finally errors at LDSET in main.c.
>Any suggestions?

Ah - sorry Okke - there are some customizations connected with my target
machine which is a DEC-Alpha.
For a more "normal" compile, change all

and also

"LDSET"  in some scanf's (INCLUDING the quotes)
ld      only
and also remove the line which defines the string LDSET.

I will have to figure out how to make this target independent, but I think
that will work for now.

BTW - I have made an upgrade for s.to.cell now which has an option to use
inverse-distance-squared weighting to determine cell values instead of
arithmetic mean.  I also fixed it up so that the calcs are done as floats
internally and only converted to int (CELL) when the file is written (this
also removes the LDSET problem).  When I have tested this version 0.2 a bit
more I will replace the version 0.1 which is currently on moon.

Hope that helps                 Simon Cox

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