v.support does not work

Conn Copas cvc at itd.dsto.gov.au
Mon May 1 08:00:00 EDT 1995

A little addendum to Bill Brown's info re the vector library bug: the
Gmakefiles for both v.build and v.support seem incorrect to me. I am
surprised no-one else has mentioned this, so please disregard if I have
somehow got obsolete code here. Anyway, the v.build executable (ie, PROG) gets
placed in $(ETC) instead of in $(BIN_MAIN_CMD). The dependency between 
v.support and v.build is not specified in the former's Gmakefile. For what its
worth, there seems to be a few misplaced executables floating around in my
$(ETC) directory (i.ask, i.find, v.from.3, v.build); presuming these
naming conventions indicate user commands. The r.* stuff is OK - these are
called elsewhere. And I am still tantalised by the presence of commands which
do not have man pages, such as the foregoing and r.colors.paint. Yes, I
have reported all this.

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