GRASS spearfish data and permissions

Casey Claiborne mskc at
Mon Nov 20 07:00:00 EST 1995

Hello -
        I am have installed GRASS under an account called "Grass". I had
also created a directory called "data". In this directory, I downloaded the
"spearfish" sample data set and placed it there - "/usr/Grass/data/spearfish".
There was only one mapset called "PERMANENT". I had two questions

1) I would like to create another mapset that is basically a copy of 
PERMANENT - how can I do this 

2) I am also using another ID called "test". From "test", I would like to
access the same spearfish data. I had read the manual and created
a directory "/usr/test/data/spearfish" by doing a link

ln -s /usr/Grass/data/spearfish /usr/test/data/spearfish 
ln -s /usr/Grass/data/spearfish/PERMANENT /usr/test/data/spearfish/testdir
This is what the manual said that I should do to gain access to this
dataset - it did not work. I type "grass4.1" to get in and enter the
information as follows:

LOCATION spearfish
MAPSET testdir
DATABASE /usr/test/data

A message is displayed saying that I do not have access privieleges.

What am I missing? I have gone over the manuals but I do not see this 
addressed anywhere specifically. Any help would be *greatly* appreciated :)


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