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Conn Copas cvc at
Fri Nov 24 07:00:00 EST 1995

Simon Cox writes about GrassLinks:

"While working on this (and earlier) it occurred to me that this kind of
point-and-click interface is what has been lacking and criticised
in GRASS all these years, for the casual user.  There have been a
couple of attempts to develop GUI's - viz. XGrass and LAS's
still-to-be-released tcl/tk interface.  I wonder how much of the
functionality could actually be provided through html & "forms",
so making XGrass and tcl/tkGrass potentially obselete?"

My $0.02 is that there are GUIs (of which we possess a number of examples), and
there is direct manipulation (which is conspicuously lacking in the GIS world;
Khoros excepted). I'm talking here about features like stacking icons on each
other to represent map overlays, and connecting data transformation icons to
represent analysis pipelines. I am yet to see a 'drag and drop' capability in
any html interface. Or is this where Java comes in? Regardless of the
implementation language, this approach also raises issues about the
division of graphics processing labour between the client and the server and
(speaking from a position of total ignorance about html) that could start to 
get tough.

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