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Mon Oct 16 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Now available at:

Here's the README:

Oct 1995 - alpha & omega release of "ogl3d" for GRASS4.1

Due to requests for OpenGL code, we're releasing this UNSUPPORTED
version of a GRASS visualization program using OpenGL.

This was our first attempt at converting SG3d to OpenGL.  We
completely rewrote the interface using Motif and added support 
for multiple objects.  This version is somewhat buggy - mostly 
things like default settings being off (especially for lighting - 
you always need to adjust), colors being allocated and hogged, etc., 
but probably also an occasional core dump - don't even try the
clipping planes panel, it WILL crash in this version.  

There is an app.defaults file here which should be copied to 
$(GISBASE)/etc/app-defaults/ogl3d by the gmake process.  
Be sure to run MAKELINKS after compiling with gmake4.1.

We are NOT SUPPORTING this version.  We have since migrated most of
this code to GRASS 4.2 or 5.0 or whatever it's going to be called,
re-wrote the interface again to use TCL/TK and went back to
IRIS GL instead of OpenGL until we can find or write an OpenGL widget for

The only platforms we have with OpenGL are SGIs, so we've only
compiled and tested it for SGI.  I think the main thing you should
probably look at in the cmd/Gmakefile if you're using OpenGL on another 
platform is the library: 

The only routine from this used is GLwCreateMDrawingArea, which creates
the Motif widget with an OpenGL drawing area.  This is likely to be 
non-standard and vendor specific.  The files to look at are cmd/GLx.c
and cmd/primary_controls.c 

You also need to have the OpenGL Utility library:


All the drawing code is in a library called libgsf in the directory gsf.

If you haven't compiled GRASS4.1 this won't compile, and I can't 
help you.  It also uses the library libXgi.a from xgrass, so you
may need to compile the xgrass libraries first (in src/xgrass/libes).

While you're welcome to send bug reports to me, I probably won't respond
and I won't try to fix them in this version - chances are they've 
already been fixed in our current work.  I can not help you find a 
replacement for GLwCreateMDrawingArea - you'll just have to try to 
find example code for your platform.  I am very interested in hearing
SUCCESS stories, however; if you're compiling on non-SGIs and get
something working, try to document it and send me the fixes so I can
make it available to others using the same platform.

There is no user documentation for this version.  The closest thing
is a document under construction for our current work describing the
TCL/TK version at:

Good Luck - 

- Bill

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