4-Sale: Must See

Shane Holmes holmescs at netsrq.com
Sat Oct 21 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Borland Turbo C++ Visual Edition for Windows (Compiler)

C: A Reference Manual (Book)
The Standard C Library (Book)
Advanced C (Book)

C++ Programming in 21 days (Book)
Learning C++ (Book)
C++ Programming for Windows (Book)

EGA/VGA A Programmer's Reference Guide (Book)
High Performance C Graphics Programming for Windows (Book)
Bit Mapped Graphics (Book)
Practical Image Processing in C (Book)
Power Graphics Programming (Book)
Fractal Programming (Book)

Using Assembly Language (Book)
The Concept of Object-Oriented Programming (Book)
Object Oriented Programming (BooK)

Turbo Pascal 7.0 / for DOS (Compiler)
Borland Pascal w/Objects 7.0 / for DOS/Windows (Supercharged) (Compiler)

Pascal by Example (Book)
Turbo Pascal: Theory and Practice of Good Programming (Book)
Programming the IBM User Interface Using Turbo Pascal (Book)
Structures and Abstractions (Book)
Structured Programming in Turbo Pascal (Book)
Turbo Pascal Graphix (Book)
Borland Pascal 7 Insider (Book)
Borland Pascal w/Objects 7.0 (Book)
Using Turbo Pascal for Windows (Book)
Also many/many libraries/ example disks/ 3rd party source.

Everything must go together!  Please make an offer!
I don't know how we will work out the shipping.  There are 24 books here,
not counting the 20 books which come with the 3 compilers.

Also keep in mind the additions which come with these compilers:
(Complete Documentation)
Object Browser
Resource Workshop
Turbo Vision
Turbo Debugger
Turbo Profiler
Turbo Assembler

Please e-mail for any additional details.

Shane Holmes

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