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Agustin Lobo alobo at ija.csic.es
Wed Feb 14 07:00:00 EST 1996

"I want to know, if it is possible to use GRASS with maps stored at different

There might be some odd way to do it, but this is very "unnatural".
The logical way to proceed is to have a LOCATION that corresponds
to all your area of interest, to have different regions within
it that correspond to different places within LOCATION or to
different resolutions, and to organize your data in MAPSETS.
Grass is a geographic tool, and the requirement that we set
our area of study is obvious. On the other hand, It makes sense
that, in general, Grass restricts its calculations to a given
LOCATION. Otherwise it would be, in general, a mess.

There's really not a way you could organize your work by LOCATIONS?


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