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Martin Ameskamp ma at
Mon Feb 26 07:00:00 EST 1996

> HELP for my thesis!!!!
> Hi, I'm Alberto from Turin's University (ITALY).


> I'm interested in source files of the routines in GIS library, Raster library
, Display
> library, .....
> Where can I find them???????



        2) doesn't have all that 1) has (e.g. no binaries), but you might
        want to try 2) first, coming from Italy.

> I need to know how they work on the database files!!
> Which is the structure of the struct colors.
> Where I can find this kind of information????

        in one of the above directories contains the GRASS programmer's manual.
        Extremely helpful!

        If you have www access, try

        Good luck, Martin
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