problems with ftp download

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Tue Feb 27 07:00:00 EST 1996

> I have some problems with file transfer on "".
> When I'm connected in this site and I try to transfer the
> following file:
> /grass/grass4.1/documents/manuals/programmer/troff/progman.troff.Z
> the transfer freezes at the beginning and nothing comes out.
> I try to relog myself on this site with a dash before my
> password and it doesn't seem to change anything.
> Note: I desperately need this file...


        you can try our GRASS ftp site here in Kiel:\

        I don't know what the connection is like from Canada, but I just
        retrieved the file from the moon in 6 minutes (noting that I didn't
        have the troff version of the programming manual here).


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