hel;[ p starting grass4.1 pls

jgrant at phastf.phys.UVic.CA jgrant at phastf.phys.UVic.CA
Mon May 13 08:00:00 EDT 1996

 I have just compiled grass4.1 and am trying to run it i on the spearfish
 sample data. When I hit ESC at the initial screen I get the following 
   /home/jgrant/grass/sparc/etc/GIS.sh: g.gisenv: not found
/home/jgrant/grass/sparc/etc/GIS.sh: g.gisenv: not found
/home/jgrant/grass/sparc/etc/GIS.sh: GISDBASE: parameter null or not set
 Can anyone provide some insight po  on what I am doing wrong?

 Jeremy Grant, Student Researcher at Paf cific Forestyr  ruy  y Research Center

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