GRASS on Solaris

Peter Davison davison at
Tue May 21 08:00:00 EDT 1996

I would appreciate a direct response to these queries.

I have just downloaded GRASS 4.1.4 from, path

The associated README file confirms that it is a Solaris 2.x release,
and comments that fifos are no longer used to communicate with the XDRIVER and
CELL drivers.But they are still referred to in the /etc/monitorcap.So
just how do I go about setting things up so as to talk to a monitor?

Also the README file refers to compilation with some static libraries.What
is the implication of this for machines which have no compilers (and thus
may be lacking libraries) ?

Finally,in the sub-dir from which I have download Grass4.1.4 there are
binaries for Xgrass4.1.5.Its README file says that Grass 4.1.5 is required,
but the binary for that does not seem to be around,so if one has no
compiler for Solaris,one is stuck.

Your comments would be appreciated,

Peter Davison

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