USGS orthophoto (DOQ) image import into GRASS?

Howard Foster hfoster at CS.Berkeley.EDU
Wed May 22 08:00:00 EDT 1996

Hi all,

We have some USGS orthophoto quads to import into grass.
These are not JPEGS but GRASSraster-like files with
ascii headers and binary data values.  Since I don't
see an "", I'm guessing that I can strip
the header information, make a GRASS raster header out
of it, and import the values as coverage data, perhaps
after conversion to ASCII (essentially doing
Before I get started, is there anyone who has already done
this and can give me some pointers?

Thanks for listening,

Howard Foster, Ph.D.
Digital Library Project -- Soda Hall:           510-642-8234
Center for Environmental Design Research:       510-643-6307
Home: 14 Panoramic Way, Berkeley:               510-848-1241

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