GRASS installation on CRAY...

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Thu Oct 17 08:00:00 EDT 1996

> Hi Everybody,
> I am wondering if anyone out there knows something about porting GRASS to run
> on CRAY super computers.  We really don't need any graphics, primarily just 
> text/command interface, especially r.watershed.  If anyone has any informatio
> about this, I would like to hear about it.

        Well, as long as you simply want to run r.watershed and similar,
        the CRAY (which has a UNIX-like OS these days, I seem to remember)
        should pose no special problems. If you want to make use of
        the features a CRAY offers for high-speed computation, some
        fiddling may be necessary :-)

        There's a group in France that works on parallelizing (sp??)
        r.watershed (maybe also and similar), maybe they
        can share experiences? They will probably reply to you directly,
        but I can dig out an address if necessary.


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