question on Arc/Info attributes

Richard Nairn nairnr at
Wed Aug 20 08:00:00 EDT 1997

> Since you mention using SQL, does this imply that the only way for GRASS
> to query multiple attributes is through a database?  If so, then our
> problem is basically solved since we are currently working on a
> GRASS-POSTGRES interface (the one on moon did not meet our requirements).
> We are trying to find out if GRASS could perform a multiple attribute
> query without a database but it doesn't seem that it can.
> Thank you for your kind offer to write the query for us but I don't think
> we should bother you with such a trivial matter.
> Thanks for your help.

Which sql solution did you try? I just put a grass-sql archive there
recently.  It isn't really meant as a full solution but it works well
with what we are doing...  I have also written a GUI using xforms to
build the sql queries easier... Anyway if it was my program that
didn't fit, what exactly are your requirements? I am interested as I
think it is a powerful solution...  

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