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Mon Aug 25 08:00:00 EDT 1997

On Aug 22, 12:21pm, Tian Qing wrote:
> Subject: Re:  GRASS-SQL
> hi,
> which grass-sql do you mean?
> I know the dbSQL-tools from GRASS outgoing used postgres 4.1
> Tian Qing
>-- End of excerpt from Tian Qing

I tried to find the dbSQL-tools on the outgoing ftp site on moon, but it was
not there unless it is in one of the subdirectories. The grass-sql that we are
referring to is a package written by Richard Nairn that was posted to the
outgoing directory on August 6th, 1997 (according to the listing of the
outgoing directory). As he states in his README file, he uses postgres ver 6.1.
For more information about this package you can download the package, it's only
7kb, or e-mail Richard.


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