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Fri Nov 14 07:00:00 EST 1997

>I am a student checking out the comparative accuracy of supervised and
>unsupervised classification in Indian forests, and ave been using
>i.cluster for this. I have some questions about what algorithm is used for
>this, and was looking through the Users and Programmers manual, but full
>details aren't given. The Users manual states that this was developed by
>Michael Shapiro of CERL and Tao Wen of the Univ. of Illinois at
>Urbana-Champaign wrote this program, and the Grass Beginners Manual says
>that Katarina Johnsson, Michael Shapiro, Hong Zhuang or Peter Sincak can
>be contacted for more information on this - it gives phone no.s, but being
>in India, I can't call these numbers. 
>I would be most grateful if anyone could provide me with emails of any of
>these people, so that I can contact them for more information about the
>exact algorithm used.


Some of these people may have left CERL. You might contact Scott Tweddale
who is CERL's remote sensing specialist with your question or a pointer
to the present location of these people. His email is:
s-tweddale at

You can also visit CERL's home page for general information.

Good luck.

Ishmael Williams
US Army Corps of Engineers
Fort Worth District
Fort Worth, Texas
email: ish at

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