Map digitizing

Marco Valagussa marco at
Tue Nov 18 07:00:00 EST 1997

I have same raster maps and, now, I want to create a new vector map layer
with the informations about roads.
With v.digit I can create the geographic route for single road
but I can't add any other informations (such as name, traffic-info ....)
on external files (or databases).
The docs for v.db.rim (but I think also for other DB)
say this is possible in this mode:
        1) create a line map feature for every road
        2) label it (vith a different category)
        3) import the vector file
        4) and finally, add other information

But I don't like this solution!.

Could anyone tell me something about a different solution to this

Thanks in advance.

Valagussa marco         CRCC s.r.l,
                        e-mail: marco at

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