ERROR eof from graphics driver on Alphastation

Rainer Bdrs rainer.bars at
Wed Oct 8 08:00:00 EDT 1997

subject was: _get returns a zero and exits - problem

>>On Oct 2,  4:32pm, Rainer Bärs wrote:
>>> I just discovered that d.zoom gives me an unexpected crash "ERROR
>>> unexpected EOF from graphics driver" :-(
>For some odd reason, the _get (buf, n) function in src/libes/raster/io.c
>causes this error in my Alphastation because read(2) returns zero read
>characters in a response to _send_ident (RESPOND). It should return at
>least one char, shouldn't it?
>It is D_popup in popup.c that makes a call to R_flush, which calls
>R_stabilize, which then can't read the response and crashes.
>Any idea where this bug hides?

To continue on this topic, I just found out that d.profile also exits with
the same error message. As I said earlier, grass was compiled using the
axptrick 64-bit port from Berkeley.

My lack of knowledge of the design of grass (and C programs to some degree)
makes my efforts to locate this bug very unsatisfactory, so I would still
appreciate assistance on this.

Rainer Bars

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