xgrass4.1 porting problems

Tamas Laufer lt660 at ipisun.jpte.hu
Tue Oct 14 08:00:00 EDT 1997

Dear listmembers,

I have installed the grass4.1 from the distributed sources on a SCO
OpenServer 5.0.2 system. It works to some extent with the "answers" demo
database but the xgrass shows up strange effects:

- the xgrass help system  sometime crashes when leaving a    
     widget by pressing the "Done" button, it is unable to "redispay"  
     the help widget behind the terminated one;
- some requests for manual pages (for example at  the man. pag.
     d.rast.edit ) deterministically cause crash;
- some functions do crash immediately, f.e. the one designated by the  
     menu path
     Display->Display Tool->Tools->Set Region for Selected GeoFrame.

I must decide whether
  - these are consequences of my purely syntactical efforts to eliminate 
    compilation and linking errors without deep understanding of code or
  - these are possibly origined from unreliability of my Xt/Xm 
    environment or
  - these errors are really included in distribution and it's the time  
    for me to learn the X11/Motif and try to debug xgrass,(Months?
    Years?, perhaps the eternity?)

May I ask you to give me some fixpoints about the questions mentioned

Many thank in advance,

Tamas Laufer
Voice/Fax: +36-72-447-570  
Email: lt660 at ipisun.jpte.hu 
H-7632 Pecs, Fulep L. u 26 III/11 Hungary

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