Successs with Linux GRASS-THANKS!

Steve Watts watts.67 at
Sun Apr 26 08:00:00 EDT 1998


Thanks very much to those of you who helped me get GRASS running on Linux!

There were several problems, most of which I should have been able to
figure out on my own.

(1) I downloaded the Linux version of GRASS from Baylor's web site links.
Unfortunately, the readme file in the linux directory of their FTP site is
the Solaris README, instead of the Linux readme.  If I would have known
what I was doing, however, that should have provided the info I needed
anyway.  There is a good and complete Linux install README at:

(2) I made some mistakes in typing path info into etc/monitorcap :-(

(3) According to the readme, RedHat (and some other) Linux users need to
install the elfcurses-package.  I installed the package but it installed instead of  I ended up copying to, which seems to have done the trick.
According to Kari, there is a more elegant (using links) way to use, and I may try that in the future.

(4) Contrary to my first post, the command to start GRASS (grass4.2) was in
the Linux README.

Again, thanks very much to those who took the time to help a GRASS and
Linux rookie!

Best Regards,


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