installing AND running Linux GRASS

Roger CHENEVEY rogche at
Sun Apr 26 08:00:00 EDT 1998

Hi Steve,

> I have unsuccessfully attempted to install and run the Linux version of
> GRASS on a system with RedHat 5 Linux w/ XFree86.

I have your same system. I downloaded the source files GRASS421 v13 (Marcus
Neteler's), added the libcurses, compiled it and GRASS is running without anu
problem. Try to do the same, if it fails, contact me and I could send you my

> (2) How do you actually RUN GRASS?  One of the major gripes I have with
> Linux/Unix instruction manuals is that they explain how to install,
> configure, and conduct specific operations, but I have never seen a manual
> that explains how you actually run a program.  Often it's obvious, but in
> the case of GRASS, I am unsure.  Do I type grass, grass4.1, xgrass, ...?

grass4.2.1 will do




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