Running Grass on Debian

Adalberto da Silva adalbert at
Sun Apr 26 08:00:00 EDT 1998

Hello, Markus and Grass users!

        This is only a note for Grass under Debian Linux.

        I'm using Debian Linux 1.3 R3 and Markus' latest Grass binaries. I
found a minor problem with termcap libraries and Grass because Debian
does not use these libraries and obviously Grass reffuses to work
without them.

        But there's a simple solution from Debian distribution itself: one must
install termcap-compat*.deb package and everything just run fine!

        I hope this can help users that are running Grass on Debian Linux.

        Adalberto da Silva
        Instituto Astronomico e Geofisico - USP
        Sao Paulo - Brasil
        adalbert at

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