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Donald Newcomb newcomb at
Mon Apr 27 08:00:00 EDT 1998

I have no idea how you can import this in binary format but I import
this type of text file every day as an ASCII digit file. You need to use
sed or awk to flip the x-y into y-x, add a header and add one line with
the letter "L" and the count of the points in each line at the beginning
of each line. 

L 3
55 26
59 37
47 28
L 14

If you have the contour values somewhere, then you can create a digit
file which is a list in the form:


where L is the literal "L", X & Y a point on the line (I use the first
vertex) and V is the contour value. I have some awk scripts to create
these files from some formats we use on other systems but the scripts
need to be designed for your specific data.

Once you do this, you just run and and you are
ready for v.digit.
> Filippidis Vangelis wrote:
>    I have an txt file (i export it from MapInfo)
> with the X and Y coordinates of some contours.
> It has the following format :
> x y
> x y
> ....
> x y
> How i can import it to GRASS in BINARY format
> so i can edit it from v.digit ?
> I have Slakware Linux 3.0.4 with GRASS 4.2.1 V.13
> (Great Job Markus... :) )
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