Problem on compiling grass4.2

Justin Hickey jhickey at
Mon Mar 16 07:00:00 EST 1998

Hi Daiyuan

>  GISBASE = /data1/people/daiyuanp/grasstt
>  SRC     = /data1/people/daiyuanp/grass42/src421/src
>  CMD     = /data1/people/daiyuanp/grass42/src421/src/CMD
>  HEADER  = sgi
>  ARCH    = sgi
>         rm -f /data1/people/daiyuanp/grasstt /man/help/*

It looks like there is a space at the end of your GISBASE environmnet variable.
The above line should be

        rm -f /data1/people/daiyuanp/grasstt/man/help/*

Check your /data1/people/daiyuanp/grass42/src421/src/CMD/head/sgi file and make
sure there are no spaces at the end of the definition for GISBASE (it should be
the 4th line).

Hope this helps.


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