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Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu
Wed Dec 15 12:56:33 EST 1999

Good point.  I am putting this into the hands of the lawyers but I think
the linking and GPL should not be an issue.  Hopefully I can get all answers

Now, on to some more new plans:

Server:  we're buying a new web/ftp server (p3 550, 512ram, etc)
for serving web and ftp operations.  Will replace the Sun ultra
enterprise as grass.baylor.edu.

Now, the current Sun Ultra enterprise.  If everyone wants a platform to
compile/work/play/test on, then so be it, it shall happen.  As soon as
the new one gets here, we'll reconfigure (keeping the web and ftp
operations turned on) and make it grassdev.baylor.edu for everyones
own internal use.  We can do this easily and will even upgrade it with
an additional 128mb ram.  Os will be Solaris 7 with all the gcc/tcl/tl/etc etc

etc tools.

Sound ok?  We order the ftp server it will take 2 weeks to get the
purchase order thru the mill, order, build, configure, and replace.
Our director will have this request in his hands Thursday morning from


Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 15, 1999 at 10:15:44AM -0600, Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu wrote:
> > Non GPL'able code:
> There are two distinct difficulties with the GPL.
> (Which both are healthy and important to deal with, the GPL just
> requires a bit of disciplin to ensure freedom in the future.)
> One is:
>         Can the code be linked together with GPL code?
>         (For this matter is has to permit everythink that is connected
>         with free software, but it does not have to be as save as
>         software under the GPL.)
>         PD if used in a context is okay and you can even claim the
>         copyright, if we changed it for the sake of grass development.
>         So it is GPLable in a way. ;-)
> The second is: Non-free software or almost free software
>         cannot be linked to GPL programs.
> > The entire r.le suite of programs including:
> > r.le.dist/
> > r.le.setup/
> > r.le.patch/
> > r.le.trace/
> > r.le.pixel/
> >
> > SDTS code was release to CERL and GRASS.
> > The FIPS library is USGS and therefore should
> > be public domain.
> That is good.
> > r.nntool contains code from the NETS back
> > propogation neural network simulator.  The
> > neural network engine and headers were
> > incorporated into the tool.  Developed by NASA
> > and released into the public-domain.
> Good, too.
> > r.out.mpeg may have applicable code that is
> > copyright by Berkeley.
> >
> > f-tools use HEC format from WES.  No problem
> > as HEC tools are public-domain.
> Good.
> > ogl3d modules use SGI libes.  Are they proprietary?
> Don't know.
> > src.contrib/CERL/SGI - applicable copyrights to SGI
> > OpenGL.
> >
> > CWU Census scripts by CWU.
> >
> > /src.contrib/NMSU/WRAT - Cook College Remote Sensing
> > Center holds copyright?
> >
> > grasslinks and grass.gdbase are copyright by the
> > regents of Berkeley in Ca.
> >
> > g.gnuplot - gnuplot if GPL.
> gnuplot is not GPL. In fact gnuplot has nothing to do with the GNU
> project. The name is pure coincidence. Gnuplot is almost free-software
> (99.9%). So it depends on who wrote the code.
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