[GRASS5] Re: license issues

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Wed Dec 15 09:08:49 EST 1999

Hi all!

It seems we can proceed quickly here on the license issue
(and we should!):

>Proposed action: (from Bernhard)
>        - Move modules with licensing problem to src.license_problem
>                until we clarify it for the next releases
Good idea. I start today.

>        - Replace code for the math routines.
O.k. this is more work. Suggestion:
 - move critical modules to src.license_problem
 - replace critical library routines in a second step
   As this are only a few this may not be such urgent.

>        - Replace LZW with a better compression
- Step1
 Replace the critical file
 with another routine but *identical* funtion headers.
 This is not a nice programming habit, but can be done rather
 quickly. Then publish again to remove critical source code
 from internet.
- Step2
 Replace the LZW-stuff totally. Needs more work.

>        - Replace gif with libungif for reading and add png as better
>          image format.
Should be possible.

>        - Find the persons who contributed the code and ask in the
>          Case of MIPS, University of Illinois and DEC.
Bill, Helena? Do you remember those CERL people? Did CERL have
contracts which might be valid?
Best regards


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