[GRASS5] New GRASS 5 beta5j - take this for release

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at uwm.edu
Tue Dec 7 14:57:50 EST 1999

On Tue, Dec 07, 1999 at 08:15:10PM +0000, Markus Neteler wrote:
> the "final call for updates" for the next release of
> GRASS was successfull, I received numerous bugfixes
> yesterday and today! 
It is good to see GRASS development accelerating.
We should think about making it an official GNU project.

> - several code patches from Berhard Reiter for DUAlpha
They were mostly general cleanup.
The main advantage here is, that I can use a different but
still high quality C compiler.

May I remind you again, that C++ comments are _not_ ANSI-C!
Please do not use them.

Research Assistant, Geog Dept UM-Milwaukee, USA.  (www.uwm.edu/~bernhard)
Free Software Projects and Consulting 		         (intevation.net)  
Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure            (ffii.org)
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