[GRASS5] New GRASS 5 beta5j - take this for release

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Dec 7 15:15:10 EST 1999

Dear developers,

the "final call for updates" for the next release of
GRASS was successfull, I received numerous bugfixes
yesterday and today! Special thanks to Bill Hughes,
Luca and Angus for their contributions the last days.
Of course thousand thanks to all others spending (but
not wasting!) their time on GRASS development.

Here comes the updated summary. In my opinion we
can/should publish now. Bruce, can you create again
binaries for Solaris2.6 and Solaris7/intel? You should
download again due to numerous updates.
 -> current
 (it is beta5j now)
Read the HISTORY.txt for details.

What's new in GRASS 5 beta5 against former beta4?   (7. Dec. 1999)

added modules
- i.tape.slc (Olaf Hellwich)
- i.in.gtc (Olaf Hellwich)
- i.in.pri (Olaf Hellwich)
- r.out.arc (Markus Neteler)
- r.meta, g.meta, v.meta (Sue Huse?)
- r.sun (Jaro Hofierka)
- r.surf.fractal (Jo Wood)
- r.surf.gauss (Jo Wood)
- r.univar (Markus Neteler)
- s.reclass (Sue Huse) 
- v.plant (S. Cox)

source code:
- 64bit platform detection routine which changes (Luca Palmeri)
   LNG_SIZ from 4 to 8 in case of 64bit architecture
   (file src/mapdev/diglib/portable.h)
- improved prototyping etc. (Bill Hughes)

- g.region (Luca Palmeri)
- d.colors (cursor movement) (Markus Neteler)
- d.sites (Markus Neteler)
- i.in.erdas (Angus Carr)
- i.oif (Markus Neteler)
- i.rectify (Luca Palmeri)
- i.rectify2 (Luca Palmeri)
- i.maxlik (Angus Carr)
- r.cats (Luca Palmeri)
- r.in.tiff (color table, warning on NULL) (Markus Neteler)
- r.in.gif (color table, warning on NULL)(Markus Neteler)
- r.in.hdf (3.x lib only)
- r.out.hdf (3.x lib only)
- r.answers (Markus Neteler)
- r.mapcalc (Luca Palmeri)
- r.mask (Luca Palmeri)
- r.statistics (Markus Neteler)
- s.surf.rst (Helena Mitasova)
- s.in.ascii (Markus Neteler)
- s.surf.idw (Job Spijker)
- r.resamp.rst (Helena Mitasova)
- v.surf.rst (Helena Mitasova)
- v.digit (Luca Palmeri)
- NVIZ2.2 (Pierre de Mouveaux)
- several code patches from Berhard Reiter for DUAlpha

- shade.clr.sh (Markus Neteler)
- shade.rel.sh (Markus Neteler)

- src/libes/gis/sites.c (Bill Brown): fixes memory problem
- src/libes/imagery/c_point.c (Angus Carr)
- src/libes/geom/optri (Markus Neteler)
- src/libes/g3d/*  (Jaro Hofierka)
- updated around 20 Gmakefiles for SUN/Solaris $(XDRLIB)
- all rst-libs under src/libes/rst/ now
- libimage (NVIZ) under src/libes/libimage/ now

updated man-pages for: (HTML-pages as well) Lisa Zygo 
d.3d                   r.le.dist              r.proj
d.histogram            r.le.null              r.rational.regression
d.leg.thin             r.le.patch             r.report
d.rast                 r.le.pixel             r.spreadpath
g.setproj              r.le.rename            r.stage3
m.in.stf1.db3          r.le.setup             r.stats
p.vrml                 r.le.trace             r.surf.fractal
r.cats                 r.null                 r.surf.gauss
r.circle               r.out.agnps            r.surf.random
r.cost                 r.out.arc              r.surf.xy
r.describe             r.out.ascii            r.tribs
r.in.ascii             r.out.mpeg             r.what
r.in.hdf               r.out.tiff
r.in.pbm               r.plane


 Markus Neteler

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