[GRASS5] group server

Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu
Wed Dec 1 15:27:53 EST 1999

Hehehehe.   Bernhard, we actually have another machine here
for developing.  The machine grass.baylor.edu  is bare-bones
for security concerns.  All it's really for is web server and ftp
server.  We're going to transition from the ~gras on the main
server to this one so we can keep closer tabs.

Now, neptune.baylor.edu is our real workgroup server.  As soon as
we get the newest 50gb online this week, it's a real development box.
Complete gnu toolset on Solaris 7, Sun workshop license for all Sun
tools, emacs, bash, etc. etc.  We're adding everyone accounts to it
on that new disk.  Plenty of space (already it;s got 30 or so Gb)  The
50 gb coming online is for all to use in development.  I also just recieved
the newest Sun OpenGL so that will be available too.  Only problem...
we are temporarily housed in a building that shares the backbone, so
sometimes things get slow on the net.  When we move in the spring, the
network situation will be much better.

Hopefully by next week you can feel free to use that if you wish.  Hey, idle
cpu is wasted cpu!!!!  Talk to you soon.


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