[GRASS5] manpages

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Sun Nov 21 14:42:17 EST 1999


thanks for the man-pages. I have created a new package
with lots of updates from Lisa and one more from me (d.mon):


> P.S. Markus - the Arcinfo and GRASS grid files are the same,
> all you need to do is to replace the header - r.out.arc and 
> r.in.arc should just make it more convenient. We move 
> the grid files between Arcinfo/arcview/grass all the time
> and it works fine and is very easy.
Sorry to insist, but this is surprising for me:

take a typical header:
ncols 101
nrows 161
xllcenter 4405975   -> lower left
yllcenter 5909975   -> lower left
cellsize 50.000000
NODATA_value -9999

Perhaps I am wrong that the order of cell rows in the file starts
with south row rather than north row in GRASS but on thursday I
had an ARC-GRID file which was flipped vertically after import.
I did not create this file but received it from someone else.

If I am wrong I will correct the r.out.arc of course. O.k. I will
check it with our local ARCView software. I did not take into account
that you could describe the lower left corner but start writing cell
values at upper left corner (someone missleading for me). I try
to find the ESRI reference.

Using GRASS is learning every day :-) (in positive manner)

Best regards


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