[GRASS5] GRASS 5 experimental version

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Sun Nov 21 15:51:07 EST 1999

Dear developers,

instead of answering emails with bugs concerning GRASS 5,
which are already fixed in current (unpublished) version
I think it is better to make this code accessible.
This is common GNU style.

Therefore I have created:

containing the latest code. It is "experimental" only at user's risk.

Of course we keep the manner of creating "official" GRASS 5
packages with sources and binaries from time to time. [Bruce:
no need to worry about inflating versions. But beta4 cannot
be compiled on Solaris2.6]

The internal developers directory is existing as usual:

The code is there in a new subdirectory "current/" now.

Best regards


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