[GRASS5] New GRASS 5 beta5f internal

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Mon Nov 15 06:35:29 EST 1999

Hi developers,

we are all getting tired of new versions, but again
there are some useful bugfixes. From now onwards I
will provide update packages again, so you do not
have to download the entire package any more.

What's new:
 - bugfixes for (Angus Carr)
     - i.cluster
     - i.maxlik
     - src/libes/imagery/c_point.c
 - r.out.arc written (Markus)
    (writes ARC/INFO ascii grid)
 - s.surf.rst (Helena)
    default smoothing added
 - updated r.resamp.rst, v.surf.rst, s.surf.rst (Helena)
    identical tension now, new parameter for old tension
 - r.mapcalc (Luca)
     errorcode fix
 - g.region (Luca)
     "myregion" bug fixed
 - restructured GMSL/rst-package: (Markus, o.k. with Helena)
     src/libes/rst_gmsl/ (tree/, data/, interp_float/)
 - s.in.ascii (Markus)
    proper sites format is written now, works with s.to.vect
 - man-pages added
    r.resamp.rst, v.surf.rst, r.in.arc, r.out.arc
   (they are also available in HTML here:

O.k., if interested, get the new GRASS 5 bete5f from my developer's

Thanks to the contributors

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