[GRASS5] Vector 5.0 API found

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Fri Nov 12 10:10:44 EST 1999

Hi developers,

by browsing the web I found David Gerdes. He has put the
next generation vectlib description (Vector 5 API) onto
his server. It might be interesting for further vector
lib development. [so the rumor was true that CERL already
did some development here...]

David told me he might still have the floppy. But he
did not contact me again yet, so it might be lost.

Best regards


Forwarded message:
> From dpgerdes at roadkill.com Sat Oct 30 23:50:55 1999
> From: David Gerdes <dpgerdes at roadkill.com>
> Hello.
> I have not worked on GRASS since the early 90's.  I know the portability
> functions were very much locked into a 32bit word size.  At the time I
> didn't have any plans for how to support 64bit portably.  Whatever
> you do would be fine.  
> As for future work.  I did do some design on the next generation vectlib
> API, which is probably archaic by now.   You can see the documentation
> of that at
> 	http://www.roadkill.com/~dpgerdes/vector/
> As for the code.  It was believed lost forever because of a tape 
> accidently placed next to Levitron.  But I found a floppy which looked
> like it has the source on it.   When I find it again, I will make it
> available to you if you wish.
> BTW.  Thanks for giving GRASS new life.  It is very encouraging to 
> see it continue on.
> -- 
> David Gerdes      Penguin Software        dpgerdes at roadkill.com       

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