[GRASS5] s.surf.rst

Helena Mitasova helena at gomez.gis.uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 8 15:27:22 EST 1999


I am looking into the s.surf.rst to make the tension
compatible with old s.surf.tps and keep the new
"tension behavior" as an option,and I want to make sure that
I am working with the latest version of s.surf.rst. Our latest version
is from GRASS5beta5a, so I want to ask whether any changes were made
to the rst programs by somebody else since then.
I would also like to ask all developers:
please, if you do any changes in the rst - write about it in 2 places:

1. directly into the changed source code like this:

 * Written by H. Mitasova, I. Kosinovsky, D. Gerdes Fall 1993
 * University of Illinois
 * US Army Construction Engineering Research Lab
 * Copyright 1993, H. Mitasova (University of Illinois),
 * I. Kosinovsky, (USA-CERL), and D.Gerdes (USA-CERL)
 * modified by McCauley in August 1995
 * modified by Mitasova in August 1995
 * modified by Mitasova in November 1996 to include variable smoothing
 * modified by Brown in June 1999 - added elatt & smatt

2. and to the main.c which tells the user which version is he

    fprintf (stderr, "\n");
    fprintf (stderr, "Version: GRASS5.0 beta, last update: Oct 18 1999\n");
    fprintf (stderr, "input is x|y|%%z1 %%z2..., output is FP raster files\n");
    fprintf (stderr, "\n");

We now have 2 different versions of s.surf.rst and both say
that the last update was oct. 18 - so please whoever modifies rst:
- let us know first
- write what you do into the code as indicated above.

It is not enough to keep track of changes in a separate HISTORY
file - the info about changes should be included in the affected code.

Also, because we don't have a check-out system (which prevents 2 different
people doing changes to the same code at the same time) 
I suggest that we use this list
or whatever other place you may suggest to inform each other about 
which programs are being worked on. So starting today Nov. 8 please
dont do anything to rst or tps programs until we make our changes and submit it.

thanks a lot,

GMSLab at university of Illinois

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