[GRASS5] GRASS 5 beta5b internal available

Luca Palmeri lpalmeri at ux1.unipd.it
Thu Nov 4 05:24:32 EST 1999

Hi all I am going to compile beta5b on the alpha today.
I just want to signal that  I had the same problems reported
by Bill when compiling under DU alpha, namely in many
Gmakefiles libraries in place of dependences for targets.

Markus Neteler wrote:

> >
> > I can fix these by changing Gmakefiles like this:
> > ------OLD------
> >
> > PGM = $(BIN_CONTRIB_CMD)/s.territory

> > ------NEW------

> >
> > PGM = $(BIN_CONTRIB_CMD)/s.territory
> >
> >       $(CC) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $(OFILES) $(LIBRARIES) $(XDRLIB) -lm
> >       @rm -f a.out

> Funny, should be the same?! (Berhard, Bill H., any ideas?)

No !!! in my understanding of make it is not the same !!!
In the first version XDRLIB appears to be a dependency of $PGM, it means
that PGM cannot be compiled if the object XDRLIB is not obtained somewhere
before (but no target XRLIB is present in the Gmakefile).
In the second version instead (correctly) the XDRLIB appears only as
a linker option to the compiler.
This is how I view it, but Gmake is not make :), so I may be wrong (????)

> > I also had some trouble with make - I had to comment out
> > INSTALL_DATA_DIR=      install -d -m 755
> > from the Makefile because IRIX install doesn't recognize -d.
> > What is INSTALL_DATA_DIR used for?

The same problem is encountered under alpha DU. DU install

does not like the -d option, and as far as I can read the

man does not have any similar option. SO I just had to

substitute install -d -m 755 with mkdir -m 755 that is

similar (but not identical !!!) to install.

I'll let you know on beta5b



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