[GRASS5] GRASS 5 beta5b internal available

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Thu Nov 4 05:13:11 EST 1999

Hi Bill!

I have checked all Gmakefiles for 

-lm -> $(MATHLIB)
and missing $(XDRLIB).

> > don't know how to make -lsun (bu42).
-> This will the a wrong statement in
Please check the settings for XDRLIB here.
I need -lnsl instead of -lsun

> > don't know how to make -lm (bu42).
This is the math lib. Should be there on SGI!

> I can fix these by changing Gmakefiles like this:
> ------OLD------
> PGM = $(BIN_CONTRIB_CMD)/s.territory
> OFILES = main.o \
> 	territory.o \
> 	load.o
> 	$(CC) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $(OFILES) $(LIBRARIES) -lm
> 	@rm -f a.out
> ------NEW------
> PGM = $(BIN_CONTRIB_CMD)/s.territory
> OFILES = main.o \
> 	 territory.o \
>          load.o
> 	$(CC) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $(OFILES) $(LIBRARIES) $(XDRLIB) -lm
> 	@rm -f a.out

Funny, should be the same?! (Berhard, Bill H., any ideas?)

> There were also failures of various sorts on:
> > src/general/g.help
> > src/mapdev/v.digit
> > src/mapdev/v.geom
> > src/raster/r.mapcalc
> > src/raster/r.tiff
> > src.contrib/CERL/imagery/i.rvi.prediction2
> > src.contrib/CERL/raster/r.rvi
> > src.contrib/GMSL/NVIZ2.2
> > src.contrib/GMSL/SG3d
The "qsort" warning I also get.

> I also had some trouble with make - I had to comment out
> INSTALL_DATA_DIR=      install -d -m 755
> from the Makefile because IRIX install doesn't recognize -d.
> What is INSTALL_DATA_DIR used for?
There was a suggestion in the mailing list. It would require
a change in "configure" or "Makefile.in".
> I ran the new grass5.0beta5a and it ran fine, as did tcltkgrass.  But 
> when I went back to use my grass5.0beta2, which is my last stable
> version, I get errors when I try to start a monitor - it starts OK,
> but cannot lock so I can't "select" it.  It was running fine before I 
> compiled the beta5 grass.  Anybody know why this would happen?  Or 
> how to fix it? The beta5 and beta2 binaries are in completely different
> directory trees.
Sorry, no idea. The XDRIVER was updated to full 24bit between
beta2 and beta3 but this should not matter the grass-5.0b/locks/.

> Another question:  Does the current configuration script still allow
> me to compile the same source tree on several different platforms?  I
> noticed that it still creates arch-specific subdirectories for object files,
> but the binary tree no longer has the arch-specific directory.
Then check the ARCH settings in src/CMD/head/head. Of course it should
create different obj-directories.E.g

For the created binaries you can store them into different places
with parameter. The 'make install' command should install GRASS in the 
main filesystem. If you want to change this, use a sequence like this:

        ./configure --prefix=/opt/grass5.0 --with-bindir=/usr/bin/
        make install

This will install the GRASS modules, help, and other need libraries
etc. in the directory /opt/grass5.0 and the startup file 'grass5.0'
in the directory /usr/bin.

Hope this (partly) helps


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